Preservatives are common ingredient of almost all products that we use in our everyday life. Eye drops also often contain them. Their main role is to keep the product safe, and to prevent bacterial contamination and therefore the spoilage of the product.

In ophthalmological products, if possible, it’s better to avoid preservatives, because they come to contact with eye surface, with cornea and conjunctiva. In products that contain preservatives, their concentrations are low, and strictly monitored, but the question is how they act when products are used continuously during time.

Some of the newest researches show that preservatives in ophthalmological products that are used during longer period of time can act negatively on eye surface, can cause dry eye syndrome, and irritations. So, it is better and safer to use products without preservatives.

UNItears is a product which doesn’t contain any preservatives. The safety of product is guaranteed trough a specially designed bottle that prevents the contact of the product with the air, and thus with bacteria – so contamination, and spoilage of product is not possible.

Unimed Pharma uses the innovative Novelia system, a patient-friendly designed system which avoids the need for preservatives in the solution and prevents bacterial contamination over the duration of treatment. Sterility of dispensed drop is guaranteed by silver ions included in the top parts of Novelia system.